Corrosion Monitoring Systems

from Rohrback Cosasco Systems Inc. USA

Special Products

Special Products

Down-Hole corrosion Monitoring system:

This system provides the Corrosiveness measurements / corrosion measurement at the base of down-hole rig. The conditions at down-hole rig are very critical and that is why the measurement of corrosion parameters becomes important. We provide the DHCM system that goes down with the well-head and provides the valuable information to the rig operator about the material performance that is being in use and its life expectancy .


This is a high resolution Ultrasonic probe system which measures the thickness of the pipeline at any location. It is an external - Non-Intrusive type of technique which is mainly used at the location on the pipeline which are difficult to access (Like under bend, Land groove, Remote ..etc) where there is no power as well as easy access.

The main advantages of this technique are

  • Cost-effective
  • One time installation.....No consumables
  • Long life ...could be more than 20 years
  • No power supply is needed
  • Non-Intrusive type technique; No welding
  • Does not require safety precautions
  • Resolution Of 0.1 mil (0.0001 inches)