Corrosion Testing Equipments

From Cortest Inc. USA

HPHT Autoclaves:

We supply high pressure and High temperature Autoclaves specially for the corrosion studies. The Autoclaves are available in various sizes from 0.5 lit to 50 litres. The standard size is 2 litres. The system is used to simulate the harsh field conditions in the lab and to test the materials corrosive response in it. We create the field conditioned by having the required temperature, pressure, flow rate, gas concentration, process chemical conditions and study the impact of these conditions on the material.

Slow Strain Rate Test / Constant Extension Rate Test system (SSRT / CERT):

This is a state of art system where we apply either Slow strain (Load) or Constant Strain (Load) onto the sample and see its effect on the sample extension. The system includes a Load frame and Its controller. The system offers a very high resolution in Slow strain of 10-8 which is probably the best available in the industry

The same system is also used for Corrosion fatigue studies. The sample then undergoes a fatigue cycle of load and the response extension is continuously recorded.

The system is fully automatic. The user need to set the test conditions and the system starts automatically and reaches to the endpoint. This system is a valuable asset to any Material testing lab which provides and standardize the material for the required task.

Various NACE specified test can be performed by using this system. You may please contact us with your specific needs.

DCPD: Direct Current Potential Drop measurement system:

This is a state of art system with high resolution electronics & tailor-made software that provides the Crack growth measurement while the sample is undergoing a constant or slow strain. This is an attachment to the above SSRT / CERT system. The main application is to map the crack growth with respect to applied load stress and to estimate the residual life of the component.

Types of samples that can be tested