Proof Ring system with New Touch screen Timer panel from CORTEST INC. USA:

used for Sulfide Stress Corrosion Cracking (SSCC) as per NACE - TM 0177. Sulfide stress corrosion cracking (SSCC) (like a form of Hydrogen Induced Cracking - HIC) which occurs when a susceptible material is exposed to a corrosive environment containing water and H2S at a critical level of applied or residual tensile stress. Now 'Cortest Proof Ring system' is available with TEMPRESSURE vessel (HPHT) and with new Touch screen Timer panel for monitoring the status of the sample under stress….


Proof Ring Hood system is applicable for tests under H2S services. It is Designed for Operator's safety and occupational health safety with Elegant design with Timer panel . The system has In-situ SS fittings, Valves and piping for H2S and other gases. The system is has an option of having Circulating bath with temperature controller common for all the proof rings (Optional)

AII: Automated Inhibitor Injection system from CORTEST INC. USA:

This is a new state of art technology, based on latest technology. This is a skid mounted ready to use system. The Corrosion probes are mounted on the pipeline which measure the On-line corrosion rate and provides the feedback signal to the control circuit that controls the inhibitor dosing metering pump. The user can set the desired corrosion rate on the line and the pump feeds-in the exact amount of inhibitor dosage into the line that is required to maintain the desired corrosion rate. Thus the cost of the excess spending on inhibitors can be brought down to lowest possible value and the pipeline operator can achieve huge savings on their spending. ….. .

New laboratory Test Spool for performance evaluation of Inhibitor Chemicals from CORTEST INC. USA:

The system includes a test Spool with several ports for Corrosion probes and Coupons with a circulating loop and a built-in pump. The user can visualize the flow induced ……

MICROCOR: New technology in Corrosion Monitoring Probes from Rohrback Cosasco Systems Inc. USA:

This is a new and unique patented technology available in the world market. The MICROCOR gives a real-time rapid accurate On-line corrosion rate measurement. The probes are applicable in multi-phase conditions (Oil, Gas Water and Vapors) and therefore can be used in many critical areas. It is a digital system and offers much higher resolution compared to traditional ER probes. The system is supplied with all data handling instrumentation and state of art software. ….. . …….

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