Corrosion Testing Equipments

From Cortest Inc. USA

Proof Ring: Sulphide Stress Corrosion test unit: And HIC system:

This is a most simple test equipment used for NACE - TM -0175 test protocol. It is supplied with a test vessel which can hold a Round Tensile or Flat test specimen in it. The user can apply the required load on to the sample and keep it under specific gas (H2S) and chemical environment at room temperature - pressure conditions.

We also supply a high temperature & high pressure vessel that can fit into the proof Ring. With this tempressure vessel he user can perform the test at high temp and high pressure in proof ring.

Flow -Loop Systems:

We supply custom made flow loop systems for corrosion studies with options of

  • Flow rate
  • Metallurgy
  • Temperature and Pressure
  • Monitoring points for sensors / probes

Additional Equipments:

We also supply custom made many equipments like

  • Skid mounted Automated Inhibitor injection systems
  • Full Ring test Systems
  • Scale and Deposit monitoring system