Paleo-magnetic Systems

From Mag-Instruments


Mag-Instruments, Germany is specialist in geophysics, mechatronics and robotics to bring the state-of-the-art technology into magnetic measurements.

We develop and manufacture high quality equipment for laboratory and field measurements of magnetic properties of material, biological matter and rocks.

Our VFTB system is the best research grade Paleo-Magnetic Workstation provides high quality result outputs. It is the only instrument on the market that can simultaneously measure the reversible and irreversible components of magnetization and their temperature dependence. This makes it instrument that is particularly suited for discrimination of different magnetic phases in sample.


Measurement Types


Property Electromagnet Solenoid
Max. Sample Size (D X L) ø 5 X 9 ø 10 X 9
Mass sensitivity [emu/g] 5e-5 1e-5
Noise level [emu] 5e-6 1e-6
Maximum field [Tesla] 1 0.3
Temperature range [°C] -180-800 room -800