Paleo-magnetic Systems

From Magnetic Measurements Ltd. UK

Pulse Magnetizer Model MMPM10: From Magnetic Measurements Ltd. UK:

This is a portable table-top pulse magnetizer that applies the magnetic field of 3 Tesla on 1 " rock sample and 9 Tesla on smaller sample.

Portable Rock Drill Machine Model MMPRD: From Magnetic Measurements Ltd. UK:

This is used by the geologists / geophysiscts on field to take / remove 1" core sample from the rock. The machine is petrol driven and cuts the sample of 1" dia easily from the rock. The system is also supplied with an attachment of Sun Compass (Optional)

Portable Magnetic susceptibility measurement system: Model KT-7: from Satisgeo Czech Republic:

It is a pocket size, Battery operated Magnetic Susceptibility system very useful on field. The measurement can be taken on the spot.